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Bringing 20 years’ experience in trauma and conflict transformation, I offer EFT therapy, restorative justice facilitation, and trainings in trauma, restorative justice and AVP.

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) “Tapping” Therapy


  • Trauma: PTSD, car accidents, painful memories, abuse, bullying, loss 
  • Stress: at home, at work, physical / emotional, short term / chronic 
  • Anxiety: fears, phobias, school / math anxiety
  • Physical aches and pains & digestive issues, sleep issues
  • Strong emotions: anger, jealousy, fear, grief
  • Tension in relationships: at work, at home
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Research shows EFT is significantly more efficient at reducing trauma,
depression and anxiety than talk therapy. EFT addresses the emotional
component of the problem, releasing stress and trauma from the body,
and unblocking the body’s natural healing capacity.
Restore well-being.

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Restorative Justice Facilitation

Community Conferencing: bring together those affected by an offence to discuss what happened, who was affected and how, and discern who needs to do what to make things as right as possible.  Restore justice.

Peace Circles: whether used for community building, reconnecting to our deepest values, or for addressing harm, allow each person to speak their truth while all listen. Restore wisdom and peace.

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Deepen capacity to release and restore. I offer trainings in Trauma Awareness and Resilience, Restorative Justice and AVP.

Trauma Trainings 

My Strategies for Trauma Awareness and Resilience (STAR)-based trainings range from 2 hours to 2 days. I target trainings for different populations: social workers and case managers, restorative justice organizations, community groups, congregations, medical clinics, or camp counselors, for example:

  • Dealing with Challenging Clients: Why Don’t They Just Get Over It? (2 days)
  • What About Trauma? (2 days)
  • Becoming Trauma-Informed: Understanding “Buttons” (3 hours)

Restorative Justice Trainings

Interested in facilitating restorative justice processes in a trauma-informed way? Or want to lead your restorative justice organization to more deeply trauma-informed approaches? I offer 2 – 3 day trainings in Community Conferencing, Peace Circles, and Trauma-Informed Restorative Justice

AVP (Alternatives to Violence) Workshops (3 days / 18 hours per training)

Deepen skills in communication and conflict transformation in the experiential, fun workshop, with Transforming Power at its centre. Held in prisons, schools, the community.

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